Cascade CO2/NH3 Refrigeration
A Sustainable Refrigerating System
Food processors and distributors are under constant pressure to produce more while spending less on operations. For plant owners looking for greener and more efficient secondary refrigerants, a carbon dioxide (CO2)/ammonia (NH3) cascade system is a viable option. In addition to providing 0 ozone depletion potential (ODP) and 1 global warming potential (GWP), CO2/NH3 cascade systems offer several benefits for food processing and low-temp distribution facilities including:
-Lower operating costs
-Ammonia charge reduction
-Constant positive pressure
Quality and throughput improvements
Frozen foods processors often seek lower process freezing temperatures to enable faster freezing, which optimizes food quality and enables increased throughput. With CO2/NH3 cascade systems, lower temperatures (and higher production yields) are achievable with less investment and less operating costs than conventional refrigeration systems.