Modular Spiral Freezers
A unique concept of fully stainless steel welded spiral modules in line with the highest food safety standards. Each module consists of an insulated, seamlessly welded stainless steel housing, equipped with a fully welded spiral framework and evaporator. Fully automatic Cleaning In Place (CIP) guarantees optimum hygiene of the complete spiral freezing system.
Carton Box Freezers
The Orange Carton Box Freezers unique horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all levels, minimising retention time for the boxes that are to be frozen and reducing weight loss to guarantee a higher yield while saving energy costs too. Also reduces work load and saves labour costs

Contact Freezers
The Orange Contact Freezers combines the highest degree of individual quick skin freezing quality with supreme freezing flexibility. The unique cold plate design reduces weight and drip loss, guaranteeing a higher yield as well as minimizing the freezing time for the products. The Orange Contact Freezers can also operate as a pre-skin freezer.
Vertical Plate Freezers
An Orange Vertical Plate Freezer consists of a number of plates, mounted vertically, through which a refrigerant runs. The product is simply poured into the pockets between the plates and will be frozen as blocks.